The Most Powerful Chat Console Software. Say hello to 247CXchat.

True Innovation in customer reach..

247CXchat is arguably the most advanced chat console software available out there for customer contact centres (call centres). It consolidates 8+ customer support channels into one clean interface and maintains all chat & email support history in one view. Brings tons of efficiency and cost savings.

No Communication Limits

247CXchat comes with free & unlimited chat bandwidth. There is literally no communication limit or sessions limit in any chat channel (except SMS, where you buy bandwidth in bulk in advance)

A delightful chat console

Awesome UI and a Beast in functionality

Organisations which have implemented it so far have reported great cost savings, highly improved efficiency and sky-rocketing customer satisfaction scores. Imagine your customer chatting to you via messenger while holidaying in bahamas. There is no better word of mouth in the world than your own customer singing praises for you..

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Downloadable reports allow further analysis to be carried out to improve customer service.

Supervisors have access to real-time dashboards allowing them to take appropriate actions.

in-App SDK Available

247CXchat SDK can be plugged-in in any of your iOS, Android, WinPhone Native or Hybrid Apps and can bring all those conversations within one single consolidated view

Supported Chat Apps Growing

Currently supports Facebook Messenger. Twitter, SMS, *WhatsApp, Line, Email & Web Chat Widgets. This list is growing. Contact us for future roadmap.

Integrate with Chatbots

Its damn easy to integrate with an e-Commerce or utility or financial services or any chatbot for that matter. Provide instant post order customer support and offer personalisation to the order, upsell more.

Supports Touch Menu & UI

Supports new UI Chat Widgets in Messenger and Twitter with action buttons and touch UI responses. Supports carousels and image,video,audio embedding and in-App touch responses

Case Study: Call Centre

This Multiple-Channels-In-One chat console has significantly reduced our inbound calls volumes.

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Case Study: UK Insurer

We’re taking hundreds of claims each day and are now serving half of all claims via chat

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Case Study: UK Bank

80% of our messenger chat customers have rated the 24X7 CXchat service as Great. They love it..

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